in wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria”    –   Benjamin Franklin

The Grape Outdoors Ltd was established in 2015 to offer a fantastic range of great wines in places where you don’t normally expect to find one. I enjoy a nice pint of real ale or a crisp cold gin and tonic as much as the next person but sometimes only a glass of wine will do. With all the choices of fine beverages that you can enjoy at outdoor events, carnivals and festivals, good wine (other than a basic “red or white”) just isn’t amongst them! So enter The Grape Outdoors.

We put our trust in wine to give you a great selection, carefully chosen, to suit each event. Rather than just “red, white or pink” we offer a range of wines for you to choose from. From crisp, fresh sauvignon blanc, to rich, buttery chardonnay. Light, fruity Beaujolais to dark, peppery shiraz and never forget the sparkling wines or light summery rosé. We add a touch of casual class to every occasion in the best setting there is to enjoy a great glass of wine – with good company in the great outdoors.

Founder and director Victoria has worked in the hospitality, tourism and wine industry for over a decade. With many of those years spent living in Italy, she took full advantage of the opportunities that this presented to sample some of the incredible wines from the Veneto, Lombardy, Piemonte and Tuscany (to name just a few). On her return to the UK to complete her MA, she started working in the local cheese and wine shop where she stayed on as manager for 2 years before taking the decision, following the inspirational effects of prosecco, to combine her experience and love of wine with the joys of the great outdoors and create a company that carries her enthusiasm for wine and people to events, parties and festivals around the country and so was born The Grape Outdoors Ltd.

Sitting outdoors surrounded by friends, music and with a great glass of wine is a real pleasure and is the perfect setting to create wonderful memories.

Should you wish to learn more about The Grape Outdoors and the services we offer please send us an email to info@thegrapeoutdoors.com or drop us a line on 07880 231977 and we will be more than happy to talk to you about your event to put together the ideal collection of great wines to help make your occasion unforgettable