Winter Wonder

I love this time of year, or I should I say I love this real winter weather. Growing up in the North East of Scotland I remember winters being cold and full of snow. Having spent many years as a seasonnaire I got used to a guaranteed white Christmas so since coming back to the UK I have missed the cold crisp winters of my youth and of living abroad. So, in spite of the standard English panic over frost and the terror that a snowflake on the road seems to cause (a friend got charged double for her taxi journey the other day because it was snowing), I love this weather. Even when I have to get up at 5am and experience the chill of -3.5 degrees as I set up for an event!

As you can imagine, this is an extremely busy time of year for Grape with lots of village Christmas events and Christmas markets. So, up until now, I haven’t really stopped, this week being particularly frantic with the fabulous Christmas Markets at Horsham at the weekend and a mid week Christmas extravanganza at the Shepperton Big Tree Night on Wednesday. However, after leaving the day job mid afternoon with the aim of rushing home to get ready for tomorrow and carry out numerous other tasks (related to my other job) the last few weeks seem to have passed me by.

Crisp, frosty mornings and wintery afternoons scream out to be enjoyed! Wrapped up in lots of layers with a cosy hat and gloves, it is wonderful to take a stroll by the river. Particularly knowing that you have the perfect excuse to come home and enjoy lots of rich mulled wine, packed full of cloves, cinnamon and other Christmassy spices.

If you want to try Grape’s, increasingly famous, mulled wine come down to Shepperton for the Big Tree Night tomorrow, or you can find us in the Carfax by the Bandstand in Horsham every weekend from now until Christmas. Can’t wait to see you!

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