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It has been wonderful to have some time to myself this Spring Bank Holiday. I am currently, whilst getting my business of the ground, living at home with family. For those of you who have forgotten the joy of this experience, it is not the same as flat sharing with relative strangers. One evening meal is cooked and we eat together, en famille, One is expected to spend time together, and the activities must be shared and thoroughly discussed. So having done my morning paperwork and run my errands for the day I came home to find that everyone had eaten and disappeared on their own errands whilst I had been out and I had the freedom to prepare my own lunch with all the things I like. Hoorah! I raided the fridge and the back of the cupboard with gusto seeking out all the normally forbidden gems. I discovered spaghetti and I mean the real stuff not the weird gluten free stuff (one family member is Coeliac i.e. Gluten Free) which, no matter how much you say otherwise, does not taste the same. I found a host of fresh herbs and selected the parsley, a herb despised by my sister, and plenty of black pepper, also much hated. I then threw together a quick Spaghetti Carbonara packed with everything I usually have to forgo, Heaven! .

There is nothing tastier than, a slightly imperfect, home made dish made with all the usually forbidden ingredients that you only get to enjoy when everyone else is out (this never happens!).

To round it off, the only way to make a great meal perfect, a glass of wine. But what to choose? I had about a glass and a half of Pharos Rioja Blanco left. This full flavoured wine from the Sonsierra region of Rioja is tasty and rich with lots of ripe fruits and dates but I wanted something a little lighter. Or what about the half glass of Kono New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. This particularly citrusy option which tastes like pink grapefruit is always a favourite, but perhaps and little too crisp for the creamy pasta sauce and the smoky bacon and also, only half a glass??. The wine I went for was a great fresh rosé from the Camargue in the south of France. Cheval Gris is a blend of Granache and Carmenere and has a light sherberty acidity that went beautifully with the salty creaminess of the Carbonara. With flavours of sweet, ripe white peach and mandarine with a touch of cherry, I sat back and enjoyed a moment of pure bliss…. until the family started trickling through and asking ‘is this gluten free?’ and ‘why did you have to put parsley in it?!!’.

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